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Undergraduate - MAC2601 - Phase 01

Cost Objects, Classifications and Behavior, Estimation Techniques and the Linear Equation, Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis & Accounting for: Material, Labor, Overheads. Methods of Inventory Valuation, Weighted Average Method, The Direct Costing Method VS The Absorption Costing Method & Reconciling Differences Between Net Profits.

Undergraduate - MAC2601 - Phase 02

Activity Based Costing (ABC Method), Comparing ABC and Traditional Costing Method, ABC System Design and Application, The Job Costing System, The Process Costing System, Work-in-Process, Equivalent Units and The Quantity Statement, Losses, Production Cost Statements, Allocation Statements, Joint and By-Product Costing System & Accounting for By-Products

Undergraduate - MAC2601 - Phase 03

Budgeting Techniques, Standard Costing, Relevant Costing & Sensitivity Analysis 

Undergraduate - MAC2601 - Final Exam Revision

Past Exams & Case Studies